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Why Group Discussion is important?

Why Group Discussion is importantThe group discussion is very important as the part of any competitive & entrance exams preparation & for effective learning. There are two important aspect of having a good performance in group discussion.

First thing is that group discussion round is held for most of the recruitment purpose as this is an important part of the selection procedure. The selection of candidates also depends on the performance in the group discussion. As all we know that Group Discussion is not a part of the regular academic curriculum in Schools, Colleges and Universities. So, generally students face a lot of problems in this area of the Selection Process. Group Discussion is used to check some certain skills that cannot be evaluated in the interview. That is the main reason why Group Discussion has become so important process for selection and rejection of candidates in different competitive & entrance exams.

Second thing is that the students can have good depth knowledge of the topic on which group discussion is being done. It also helps them to remember the topic for a long period of time.

How can students prepare themselves for Group Discussion?

Generally students can do group discussion with some of their friends or those we are enable to form group; can join any institution who offers group discussion. Now-a-days most of the institutions offer group discussion as part of their syllabus for most of the competitive & entrance exams preparation.

To perform well in group discussion with classmate or friends, students should choose the topic at least a day before on which they have to discuss out. From various source of information like books, magazines, newspapers, television & internet, students can prepare well himself on that particular topic on which they have to do discussion.

The main benefits of group discussion are given below.

  • Group discussion improves the learning & absorbing skill of the students & can learn more easily & keep remembering the topic for long time.
  • While Group Discussion; it very much helpful to give attention on the typical questions & their answers; which are very helpful for preparation of the different exams.
  • Group Discussion is also very helpful to aware the students on their weak points, so they can improve it.
  • It also able to do rectification of the mistakes & there is the certain chances of improvement & correction of the mistakes.
  • It builds the confident which is very necessary to face the actual group discussion or interview round.