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Offline Test Series

The test series is an important component of any test preparation. While the students prepare for the competitive tests, they would look forward to test their preparations. This can only be done by mock tests.

We at Tara Institute offer the following:

  1. Topic wise tests
  2. Subject wise tests
  3. Weekly tests
  4. Monthly tests
  5. Complete full length offline tests
  6. Onlinetests

The quality of tests determines the performance & confidence level of the students. Utmost care is taken while designing the test series. One must note that the test series are created based upon the guidelines in the notifications & that new tests are created under strict academic supervision every-time a new notification is released.

Students have found our tests series most realistic to the actual exams & that is what we have been known for during the last few years. Even students from many other coaching institutes would join our test series just for the reason that they find our tests most practical & reliable in nature.

Each test in the series is followed by answer keys & descriptive solutions.

The other benefits of our test series are:

  1. All India rating
  2. Time analysis
  3. Comparative analysis
  4. SWOT analysis

These benefits have made our test series a world class & the most accepted test method.