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Frequently Asked Questions

Courses at Tara Institute

Q1. What types of program & courses are offered by Tara Institute?
Ans: We provide three month, six month and yearly programs for all the one day competitive exams.The difference in the programs lies in:

  1. The pace of delivery.
  2. Coverage of topics.
  3. Time spent on each topic.
  4. Number of examples, exercises & problems solved in the classroom.
  5. Number of weekly tests, topic wise tests, mock tests, etc.

Q2. Does Tara Institute offer any life time course?
Ans: No, we don’t believe in life time concept. Any students who can’t make it within the schedule would not be able to make it in his life-time. Institutes offering life-time commitments are fake & are simply marketing gimmicks.

We are confident about our quality & believe in best quality within the committed schedules.

Admission Criteria

Q3. What are the admission criteria?
Ans: The admissions at the institute are done throughout the year. A student can seek admission for any course based upon:

  1. His / her choice of time slot.
  2. His / her pace of learning & understanding. We have courses conducted for three months, six months & twelve months based upon the pace of delivery by the faculty members.

Q4. Can I take admission in an ongoing batch or I have to wait for next fresh batch?
Ans: It all depends on your time preference & the urgency of starting the class.

In case there is no new batch scheduled in your preferred time slot, you can join any current batch provided there is a seat available. However, we recommend joining a new batch from the beginning of a course.

In such cases, the left over course shall be managed either by way of special classes or shall be compensated with the next starting course in the same time slot.

Q5. How do I pay the fees to the institute?
You can pay the fees either by cash, cheque, demand draft, NEFT or online fund transfer. Kindly ensure an official receipt of all payments from the centre.

Q6. How can I be identified as an official student of Tara Institute?
Ans: Every student of the institute is offered an identity card and is also given unique identification for the access to the online mock tests. These are the marks of being a regular students of the institute. Student can access online on our company website only.

Materials provided by the institute

Q7. What does the institute provide at the time of admission?
Ans: You will be provided three volumes of books, an identity card and an access to the online mock test by issuing an id and password on the company website.

Q8. Does Tara Institute provide books & study materials?
Ans: Yes we provide our own books in three volumes in both Hindi and English medium and hands outs prepared by the experts.

Q9. Can I get books both in Hindi and English medium?
Ans: Normally, a students would get his books either in English or Hindi. In case a student wants both, he may request for it by paying an additional fees of Rs. 1,000/- per set. The students must ensure the issue of a receipt from the office for the purchase of books. These prices are subjected to change without advance notice.

Q10. Can I get a book from the centre? I’ve lost my book somewhere.
Yes, you can buy a book from the centre by paying Rs. 400/- per volume. These prices are subjected to change without advance notice.

Facilities provided by the institute

Q11. Are the faculty members at Tara Institute’s on full – time engagements or they are part-time visiting members?
We don’t believe in part-time engagements. All our faculty members are full-time & are permanent in nature. They are dedicated to the role at the centre.

Q12. What is the batch size for any course?
Ans: Typically, we have small batch sizes not exceeding 30 students. However, we insist on smaller batch sizes of 15 students each. In exceptional situation where special classes are conducted, two or more batches may be combined together to run a common class.

Q13. Can I attend two classes in a day simultaneously?
Ans: On a normal track, you are allowed to attend only one class per day as per the schedule of the course you have joined in the specific time slot allocated to you. However, you can avail the facility of taking two classes a day either in cases of a fast track course or to make up the missed classes. In either case, you need to seek a special written permission from the Centre Manager.

Q14. I want to continue my association with the Institute even after the completion of my course & practice for the exams till I get selected. How can I do so?
Ans: We provide a one year access for the online mock tests, by which you can continue to take the practice tests.

However, we have a provision for repeat course for which you would need to pay @ Rs. 2,000/- per month & avail our regular classes.

Q15. Does the institute provide test series?
Ans: We provide offline & online test series both in English & Hindi. The validity of the online test access is given for one year from the date of admission.

Q16. Does the institute provide us any hostel facility?
Ans: Yes we have tie-ups with various hostels & paying guest services. The students would need to pay additionally for it.

Q17. Does Tara Institute provide any scholarship?
Yes, we offer scholarships to meritorious students. We don’t believe in any discounts. Rather, we offer scholarships to performing students in every batch. 20% of the fees is refunded back to the best performing student of every batch. Also, an additional scholarship of 100% fees refund is offered to the best students of a centre every year. The evaluation criteria are defined by the institute & the institute reserves all rights to decide this scholarship, which is announced either through the centre’s notice board or the institute’s website.

Q18. Does the institute provide any assignment or practice tests?
Ans: Yes we provide regular assignments & practice tests. They are a part of our course offer.

Q19. Does the institute provide weekend batches?
Ans: Yes, we provide weekend batches for working professionals, who can make it to regular classes.

Special week-end batches are also conducted for regular students just before examinations schedules. These are conducted to give you the last moment tips & confidence building.

Q20. Does the institute provide upcoming vacancies, exams & results updates?
Ans: Yes we provide vacancies update through our website, notice board and announcement in the class room.

Q21. Does Tara Institute provide interview preparation & group discussion facilities?
Ans: Yes, we train the students for interview and group discussion (GD,PD & PI). This is done for the students who have got their selections in the written tests.


Q22. Is batch transfer possible?
The students can transfer their batch by filling the pre defined Batch-Transfer Form available with the Centre Manager. The batch shall be transferred provided there is a batch available in the desired time slot for a similar course & there is a seat available to accommodate. The batch transfer is completely at the discretion of the Cenre Manager.

Q23. Is there any provision of course transfer?
Ans: Yes the students can upgrade from a lower course to a higher course. Downgrading from a higher course to a lower course is not possible under any circumstances.

Q24. Can I apply for a transfer from one centre to another?
Ans: Yes a student can apply for an Inter-Centre Transfer in the “Inter Centre Transfer Form”. However, the right of the transfer lies with the original centre provided all the fees is paid. An Inter Centre Transfer Fees of Rs. 1000/- is also applicable.

Q25. Can I transfer my course to my friend?
Ans: A course can’t be transferred to any other students under any circumstances. In situation where the student feels that the course is not useful for him / her & seeks discontinue, the fees paid shall be forfeited.

Refund Policy

Q26. What is the fee refund policy?
Ans: Fees once paid for any of the course will neither transferred nor will be refunded under any circumstances.

Quality Measures

Q27. How do I get the assurance of quality?
Quality has been our hallmark for years. We check upon quality by means of:

  1. Regular feedback. You would need to fill in a weekly feedback form. Your feedback is considered for corrective measures.
  2. Weekly tests. Your performance in the test shall be the measure of your understanding in the topic or the subject. Review classes are conducted accordingly.
  3. Mock Tests. We conduct mock tests to assess your performance & take corrective actions based upon your performance.

Individual attention is given to low performing students.
Individual counseling sessions are done by our faculty members.

Q28. How do you ensure that the course is completed in time?
Every course at the institute is highly structured, the schedule is intimated to you at the beginning of the course. The schedule specifies subjects & topics covered for each session. In case the centre or the faculty does not follow the schedule which causes the delay in your course, the same must be intimated to us officially through email.

Q29. How the institute does measures the performance of the students?
Ans: We conduct weekly test, topic wise test, monthly test and mock test both offline and online to measure the performance of candidates.

Q30. How does Tara Institute provide the performance & result updates to parents & students?
Ans: This is done by way of official email, dash board of the online mock tests access and the parents-teachers meeting conducted at the centre.

Q31. What if my centre ceases to operate in my city for any reason? Who takes the responsibility of our course completion?
Ans: If you have the valid access to the online mock test through our website, you are offered to join the Head office in New Delhi to complete the remaining course.

Complaints & grievances

Q32. Where should I complain if I have any grievance from any of Tara Institute Centre?
Ans: You can write mail on

  1. Kindly mention your name, mobile number, roll number & centre name in your complaint.
  2. Kindly attach the scan copies of the money receipts issued by the centre.
  3. Kindly mention the ID of the online mock test accesses issued to you.

Your complaint shall only be entertained provided all the above information is given.
Our students’ relationship executives shall call you within 2 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.